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What is the Flying Fish program?
The Flying Fish program provides the funds necessary for children from economically disadvantaged households to participate in formal swim lessons.

How do I apply to the Flying Fish program?
You can apply right here on our website: Click Here for Flying Fish Online Application

Where can I contact you if I have any questions?
Visit our contact page here if you have any questions about the organization.

How much does it cost?
The program is free for children residing in low-income or economically challenged households. An application is required to determine eligibility.

What’s the minimum age? What’s the maximum?
Age limits are determined by the individual aquatic centers. Usually the minimum age is 4-years old and the maximum is 14-years old. But, again, this varies according to the age limits established by the aquatic centers.

Where are swimming lessons taught?
The Flying Fish program continues to expand throughout Tennessee and is beginning to have class offerings in neighboring states.  A current list of aquatic centers hosting the Flying Fish program will be maintained on our website.

Will my child learn how to swim at the end of the lessons?
There’s no guarantee. However, over 90% of children going through the Flying Fish program meet, or surpass, Level I swim skills by the end of lessons.

Are lessons taught in an indoor pool or an outdoor pool?
Depends on the swim instructors and the aquatic facility. Most of the facilities hosting the Flying Fish program have an indoor and outdoor pool. If the weather is nice, the instructors may decide to teach the class in the outdoor pool. It’s a good idea to bring sunscreen during the spring/summer months.

What does my child need to bring to swim lessons?
Their swimsuit and towel. And sunscreen if there’s a possibility the lesson will be held outdoors. Children may arrive already dressed in their swimsuit or they may change in the aquatic center’s dressing rooms. Appropriate swim attire is required for all children.

What happens if the lesson is canceled?
Depends on the reason for the cancellation. Deciding whether to add on an extra lesson or forfeit the cancelled lesson is the responsibility of the center’s aquatic director.

What if my child is sick and can’t come to class?
Please notify the aquatic center as soon as possible. If a child is unable to attend class due to illness, that instruction time is forfeited and no make-up will be available.

Can my child take the Flying Fish course more than once?
No. The Flying Fish program is provided once to each child. If additional lessons are desired, it’s up to the parent to make private arrangements with the aquatic facility.

I submitted an application. Can I call to check on its status?
Howard’s Hope notifies successful applicants of their acceptance into the Flying Fish program by email and/or phone call. If you did not receive notification by one of those methods it means your profile did not meet the criteria of the free swim program. Do not call the office to inquire on the status of an application as this only slows down the processing. Any questions you have can be sent to